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Secret Girlfriends Throughout History

Secret girlfriends are not a new concept. Throughout history dudes have gotten action on the side and gone to great lengths to keep their secret girlfriends, well, secret. So who are the ladies who make this juggling act worth it? Behold!

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  • 1. Marilyn Monroe

    Perhaps the hottest secret girlfriend of all time...possibly for both Bobby and John F. Kennedy!

  • 2. Stephanie Birkitt

    Yes, this secret girlfriend isn't so secret anymore after David Letterman's very public revelation of their in-office affair.

  • 3. Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd

    Mistress to FDR himself, originally hired as personal secretary to Eleanor Roosevelt (can you really blame the guy?).

  • 4. Claire Danes

    Secret girlfriend of actor Billy Crudup, Danes actually tore him away from Mary Louise Parker when she was 7 months pregnant with her son. Yikes.

  • 5. Monica Lewinsky

    Oh c'mon! Did you reeeeally think this list could exist without mentioning that familiar spermy-dressed gf who ruled the 90s!?

  • 6. Anne Boleyn

    Mistress to King Henry VIII, she later had him annul his marriage then marry her. Not so secret afterall....

  • 7. Heidi Fleiss

    Not only was Heidi Fleiss a secret girlfriend to Hollywood royalty like Marlon Brando, she employed a number of ladies of the night that secretly served married men throughout Hollywood.

  • 8. Rielle Hunter

    Hunter is one of the secret girlfriends we really wish had stayed secret -- after all, John Edwards' wife was going through chemo! Too cold.

  • 9. Amy Fisher

    Like most secret girlfriend scenarios, Fisher's relationship with Joey Buttafuoco did NOT end well, but did result in a somewhat popular sex tape.

  • 10. Camilla Parker Bowles

    Camilla's decades-long secret girlfriend status to Prince Charles solidified "poor eye sight" on the list of unfortunate genetic traits among British royals. Seriously Charles? You had this.