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    • seanr31

      Went to read article but ended up just watching figure skating for the most part. My first thought to contribute is how impressed i am with figure skaters and wonder, this shit looks so insanely hard how much better can this 16 year old kid get lol.  My second is that every moment devoted to picking at someone’s sexuality or orientation, is a moment that was lost that couldve been used to make ones self better….sometimes its easier to rip others apart rather than improving yourself. People that do this constantly should simply be known as “haters” :) Also, who cares if someone is gay or not. If you are hetero, what the hell does it matter if someone is gay. And what logical thought says that gay is less than straight. People are mad stupid and focus on the dumbest shit.

    • seanr31

      Seems a bit much but what you expect them to do? Seems like one of those instances that with the absense of law, people would just steal soda or whatever. I used to steal tons of stuff and at the end of the day stealing is stealing and stores/cops job is to prevent that….if you a thief, your job is to not get caught…its part of the game. I have a feeling that these people were brazen and prob kept it up after they were told to stop. People that complain after getting caught seems like the pretty big sense of entitlement. My advice is 1) dont get caught 2) suck it up if you do and 3) if someone TELLS YOU they are callin the ops, dont stand there and bounce you dumb idiot…also, reconsider if a soda is worth it.

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