19 Signs You Went To Middle Tennessee State University

Better (but barely) known for its musical prowess than its athletic prowess there are a few unmistakable signals that you may be a Blue Raider.

1. 1. You still think Davis Market is the center of the universe.

2. 2. You listed Hastings and Cats Music as a source of income on your taxes Sophomore year.

3. 3. You continue to rationalize your decision to eat gas station chicken for four (well, five) years.

4. 4. “The Hustlin’ Gourmet” means something to you.

5. 5. You spent a semester waking up at 5 am so you could play Radiohead B-sides to 5 people on the radio.

6. 6. Your first legal drink was at The Boro, even though you were already a regular.

7. 7. You spent more time watching bands on the knoll than at the football stadium.

8. 8. For that matter, you spent 4 years at school and had no idea what the stadium looked like inside.

9. 9. You’ve learned at least one former classmate became a One Hit Wonder.

10. 10. The Liberal Arts side of campus was literally falling apart. Meanwhile, NEW AEROSPACE BUILDING.

12. 11. About 1/3 of your friends still deliver pizza.

13. 12. Every major music festival is like a class reunion.

14. 13. You still think Belmont bands are the worst. Except Diarrhea Planet.

15. 14. You’ve eaten Sir Pizza even after the cheese has turned grey and wondered why the hell there’s a fake tree in the middle of the restaurant.

16. 15. You’ve attended the annual Lighting of the Dumpsters at Nottingham.

17. 16. You’re still confused by the pegasus mascot.

18. 17. Your house parties were promoted on the newspaper and the cops still didn’t show up.

19. 18. Your roommates’ alt-country band was tougher than the football team. And had more members.

20. 19. You had to fall back on journalism because the music business thing didn’t work out.

Special thanks to fellow alumni Davis Cox and Ashley Spurgeon. And sorta thanks to Belmont alumni Lance Conzet.

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