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    9 Reasons Penn State Fans Are The Greatest Fans In College Football

    Every college has their awesome fan bases, but Penn State stands above all the rest.

    1. The White-Out

    2. The Student Section

    3. Zombie Nation

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    Whenever there is an interception, fumble recovery, go-ahead touchdown, or other big play, Penn State fans belt our own special version of Zombie Nation. They almost discontinued it because the students were doing structural damage to Beaver Stadium by jumping up and down during Zombie Nation.

    4. Tailgating

    5. Paternoville/Nittanyville

    6. The Bandwagon Doesn't Roll Through Happy Valley

    7. We aren't Michigan

    8. We aren't Ohio State


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    Always classy, never trashy. We're with our team through thick and thin and we will always treat the visiting team with respect - yes, even if you are an Ohio State or Michigan fan. That's what friendly rivalries are for.