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    9 Reasons Penn State Fans Are The Greatest Fans In College Football

    Every college has their awesome fan bases, but Penn State stands above all the rest.

    1. The White-Out

    Every year over 107,000 fans wear all white and create an intimidating atmosphere for the biggest game of the year. Powerhouse teams like Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Alabama have struggled heavily against the deafening roar of the White Out Crowd.

    2. The Student Section

    Over 20,000 strong, and called "The best student section in the country" by ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, the Penn State Student Section is a force to be reckoned with. From kickoff until the clock hits 0:00 in the 4th (or overtime since Penn State has a knack for going into OT a lot lately) the student section is standing up and making noise the entire time. Hey Braxton Miller try to talk to your O-Line while we're screaming in your ear.

    3. Zombie Nation

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    Whenever there is an interception, fumble recovery, go-ahead touchdown, or other big play, Penn State fans belt our own special version of Zombie Nation. They almost discontinued it because the students were doing structural damage to Beaver Stadium by jumping up and down during Zombie Nation.

    4. Tailgating

    Recently picked as the #1 Tailgating school in the country by University Prime, Penn Staters young and old know how to throw an awesome pre-game tailgate. From the moment the lots open to well after the game, the fields surrounding Beaver Stadium become a sea of blue and white tents.

    5. Paternoville/Nittanyville

    From the OSU game in 2005 onward, it has become a tradition that students camp outside Beaver Stadium leading up to games to get seats in the front row. Visits from the football team and staff along with tons of events get students pumped up for each and every game. And it will always be called Paternoville to Penn Staters.

    6. The Bandwagon Doesn't Roll Through Happy Valley

    1 in 9 Pennsylvanians with a college degree got it at Penn State. 1 in 117 people in the USA with a degree are Penn State alum. That makes it easy to have a huge, loyal, fanbase that doesn't jump ship when we lose. The other Pennsylvanians root for nobody teams like Pitt and Temple. You won't find any fans that resemble the WalMart Wolverines, or the Alabama "fans", or the 2012 season Notre Dame fanatics. We're here to stay win or lose.

    7. We aren't Michigan

    Let's get this straight. Maize isn't a color. It's a type of food that Native Americans used to eat. Also let's face it, Michigan fans are the worst. They're bitter and angry - probably because they live in the 2nd worst state in the country (I'm getting to the 1st) and are tired of losing to us every time we play them. At least we can agree on one thing: Ohio State sucks.

    8. We aren't Ohio State

    Just as bad, if not worse, than Michigan are the Ohio State Buckeyes. Their fans are known for being the rudest fans in college football, their stadium looks like a toilet bowl, and their football players are known for saying things like "Man I go to school for FOOTBALL, not for school, I shouldn't have to take no classes." At least we can agree on one thing though - Michigan still sucks.


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    Always classy, never trashy. We're with our team through thick and thin and we will always treat the visiting team with respect - yes, even if you are an Ohio State or Michigan fan. That's what friendly rivalries are for.