15 Things Every Post Grad Is Tired Of Hearing Explained With Parks And Rec GIFs

We may not have it all figured out, but please don’t remind us how terrible our life is.

1. So what’s your plan?

I don’t know… get a job?

2. Have you been applying?

THAT’S A GREAT IDEA! I wish I had thought of that.

3. You should sign up for a job finder website.

And now I get 3000 emails a day about openings at McDonalds…

4. So what are your skills?

I don’t know… Netflix? Twitter? Naps?

5. What are you looking for in a job?

I want to learn about my industry and give back to the community… but mainly I want enough money to pay back my ridiculous amount of school loans.

6. Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out.

Will I? WILL I?

7. Even if you don’t get the job, the interviewing process is great experience.

Yeah but I’ve been on more interviews than I can count and I still don’t have a job.

8. How do you survive without a job?

I’ve had to make some lifestyle adjustments…

9. You should come visit me across the country!

As much as I want to, American Airlines doesn’t accept old textbooks as a form of currency.

10. Have you heard back from your dream job yet?

Trust me, when I do you will know.

11. “Thank you for your interest but the position you applied for has been filled.”

*swipes delete*

12. Don’t get down on yourself.

Coming from the person who makes $65K at their entry level job…

13. I know what will cheer you up! Let’s go out tonight!

Oh great, let me drink away my sorrows with the last $20 I have to my name. Actually, ok I’m down.

14. Hey, you’ll find something eventually, I promise.

But why can’t it be now?

15. It’ll all be worth it once you find something.

Ok ok ok, I guess you’re right.

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