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    If You're Dating A Firefighter, This List Will Make You Go "Oh. My. God."

    It's not always hot and steamy, y'all.

    1. You will hear the noise of a fire alerter everywhere you go.

    VH1 / Via Giphy

    If there is a fire in your local area, your partner will be called to the fire engine by an alerter—which is just a fancy word for a pager—and will have to immediately stop whatever they are doing and run out of the door.

    They could be cooking you dinner, you could be about to go out together, or they could even be in the shower! Whatever is happening, they will literally drop everything. Before long you will hear that noise everywhere you go, even in your dreams.

    2. People assume you have serious game.

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    Whenever you tell people you are dating a firefighter, you are guaranteed to get some raised eye brows and people will assume you are highly skilled in the art of seduction. The harder you protest, the more they believe it.

    3. You get abandoned places... a lot.

    Fox / Via Giphy

    If your amazing firefighter partner is called out on an emergency, you could be stranded for hours on end. Of course, they'll check in on you and eventually, you'll get used to this and have contingency plans! It just might freak you out the first few times it happens.

    4. Your partner is a waaaaaay better person than you are. (Or, that's what it seems like almost all the time. It's the whole "saving lives" thing.)

    T-Mobile / Via Giphy

    Fire fighters are good eggs. Whether it is saving kittens from trees—which actually happens—or putting out burning buildings, they are always doing good deeds, and this carries over into all areas of their lives.

    5. People never get bored of making 'hose' jokes.

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    A fireman's hose is 100 ft or 30.48m. The less said about it the better.

    6. You can sleep through anything.

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    You partner's alerter will go off any time day or night, and if you want a decent night's sleep you will learn to ignore it. In all honesty, they're practically leading a secret double life: They will wake up, get dressed, leave the house, put out a fire, come back home, and you'll only realize when you wake up in the morning and can smell smoke.

    7. Fires are 300% more likely to happen anytime you're about to eat.

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    Picture this: you're relaxing at home with your S.O, you've had a lovely peaceful day, and you've cooked a delicious meal to enjoy together. Within seconds of sitting down to eat, their alerter is almost guaranteed to go off.

    This seems to happen more than at any other time, and you will find yourself stuck between the choice of being polite and waiting, or tucking in and just going to bed. They could be gone ten minutes, they could be gone four hours, you have to take the gamble. Chances are, you're eating after midnight.

    8. All children will be obsessed with your significant other.

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    Never, and I mean never, tell a child your partner is a firefighter. They will have approximately four million questions they need the answer to, and the only escape for your partner is to go off and actually deal with a fire.

    9. They don't get to bring the uniforms home.

    MTV / Via Giphy

    Not even any props. Nothing. Its almost enough to make you cry.