If You're Dating A Firefighter, This List Will Make You Go "Oh. My. God."

    It's not always hot and steamy, y'all.

    1. You will hear the noise of a fire alerter everywhere you go.

    2. People assume you have serious game.

    3. You get abandoned places... a lot.

    4. Your partner is a waaaaaay better person than you are. (Or, that's what it seems like almost all the time. It's the whole "saving lives" thing.)

    5. People never get bored of making 'hose' jokes.

    6. You can sleep through anything.

    7. Fires are 300% more likely to happen anytime you're about to eat.

    8. All children will be obsessed with your significant other.

    9. They don't get to bring the uniforms home.