12 Key Things I Learned This Summer

The world is a fascinating place. Learning is all around us, just don’t learn too much or sh*t gets weird.

1. 1. Birthdays are way cooler when you’re a prince

it’s my party, I can cry if I want to

2. 2. You don’t want to fly anywhere internationally for awhile.

I’m sure it’s just a phase.

3. 3. Or Domestically Via Jump Castle

I believe I can fly….

4. 4. People need oxygen. Don’t leave your child in a hot car.

Lil Wayne just ain’t worth it

5. 5.If you use more than 40% of your brain, shit gets weird

Go see Lucy

6. 6. Brazilians don’t like to lose at soccer

Atleast it was close….

7. 7. The probability of dying of Ebola has significantly increased since last summer.

Zombies can always relate

8. 8.The inside of a Denver dispensary is a mix between an Asian hair salon and a clip from ‘Dazed and Confused’

Hey man, nice shirt man

9. 9. Women don’t like to be referred to as “Husband Hunters”

Go get ‘em ladies

10. 10.There is some direct relationship between dumping an ice bucket over your head and curing ALS

C’mon guys, it’s for a good cause

11. 11. What ALS is

Google is mah best friend

12. 12.Bunnies can’t jump

A for effort little guy

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