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The Ultimate American Girl Doll Purchasing Guide

Can’t decide which American Girl Doll to purchase for your loved one? Our guide can help you determine whether your niece or third cousin twice removed is more of a Molly or a Josephina.

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Is your loved one a bit of a spoiled brat (but with good intentions, of course)? Do you find yourself oftentimes explaining to her that it wouldn’t actually be fun to be homeless? And that perhaps she shouldn’t be sad that she has her own bedroom and easy access to running water? Then perhaps your loved one is a Samantha, the wealthy Edwardian-era doll who befriends and rescues a poor Irish maid from entering a life of abusive prostitution.

If that doesn’t sound right, then maybe your loved one forms unnaturally strong attachments to other people’s pets? Does your loved one prefer to wear men’s breeches to the fashionable petticoats expected of ladies her age? Is her family divided over issues of religion, race or political affiliation? It sounds like your loved one is a Felicity, the heroic Revolutionary War-era doll who fights for animal rights and gender equality.

Is your loved one somewhat unattractive and lacking any dancing talent, but expecting to someday be a prima ballerina? Does she get jealous of girls forced to leave their homes during wartime? And, most importantly, does she wear glasses? If so, it seems like your loved one might be a Molly, the WWII-era doll who crushes Hitler on the dance floor.

Has your loved one recently escaped from slavery? Or perhaps she just has an intense fascination with slavery? Then perhaps your loved one is an Addy. Other than escaping slavery, the poor girl didn’t really get much of a personality.

Does your loved one enjoy writing? But like, really enjoy writing. Like she thinks as an eleven-year-old she’s pretty much on par with Chaucer and Jane Austen? Has your loved one been abandoned by her father? Then perhaps your loved one is a Kit, the depression-era doll who saves her family’s home from foreclosure by winning the Pulitzer.

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