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25 Sights From Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour Kickoff

The pop superstar unveiled her tour in Montreal on Wednesday. Warning: Contains setlist spoilers.

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1. There was media blitz.

Enrique Limón

3. A shady bouncy house rental truck.

Enrique Limón

5. Majorettes.

Enrique Limón

6. And their male counterparts.

Enrique Limón

7. Madnachos.

Enrique Limón

8. Drag queens.

Enrique Limón

9. Opening act Diplo kicking it old-school.

11. This guy seated next to me, FaceTiming.

13. Madonna arriving via cage.

14. Madonna riding a stripper nun like a surfbort.

15. And recreating The Last Supper.

17. Madonna looking fierce and being all Madonna and shit.

18. Gravity-defying dancers.

19. Madonna singing "La Vie en Rose."

"I have to sing some more songs in French, I guess," she said after receiving a 2-minute standing ovation.

20. A medley featuring dancing Frida Kahlos.

22. Apparently, the dancers' headdresses were designed by Gucci.

24. Madonna giving fans that big cape reveal they've been waiting for since the Brit Awards.

25. Jason.

Madonna's ninth tour concludes in Australia in March of next year. You can find more info here.

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