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    10 Madonna-Worthy Birthday Cakes

    It was Aug. 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan, when the girl that would grow up to rule the pop world was born. Several reincarnations later, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is still at the top of her game, so let's celebrate her 55th birthday with a delectable, provocative, and oftentimes WTF selection of cakes.

    1. This retro rendition:

    2. This come-hither creation:

    3. This super-chameleonic sweet:

    4. This likable loaf:

    The Pastryarch / Via Flickr: tonyalbanesecakes

    5. This NSFOBR (Not Safe For the Office Break Room) cake:

    6. These corseted cupcakes:

    7. This Like a Prayer-tastic pastry:

    8. This tearful tort:

    The Pastryarch / Via Flickr: tonyalbanesecakes

    9. This sensuous sheet-cake:

    10. This Immaculate Confection:

    The Pastryarch / Via Flickr: tonyalbanesecakes

    Go ahead, make a wish!

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