What ‘Shark Tank’ Looks Like Around The World

The show actually started in Japan

1. Japan: Money Tigers

This is the original version. It was the first entertainment programme in the history of Japanese television that dealt with the concept of business investment.

2. U.S: Shark Tank

The U.S. version most resembles the Canadian show but what sets them apart is the wealth of the investors which increases the size of the deals.

3. Canada: Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den was named best reality program at the Banff World Television Festival. The Canadian version also hosts 2 of the ‘Sharks’ that we know from the US version.

4. Czech Republic: Den D

In the Czech Republic, the show is called Den D which refers to the ‘Dragon’s Den’. The set has a ‘Dragon’s Den’ theme which looks exactly like a haunted house. It has a very similar setup to the British version.

5. United Kingdom: Dragon’s Den

The British version not only has a show but you can also pitch through their ‘online Den’ which is hosted by the radio. Entrepreneurs can pitch for a maximum of £50,000, investment through the online Den.

6. Poland: Dragon’s Den – How to be a millionaire

The biggest win in the program happened April 24, 2011 in the amount 15,000,000 PLN which is 5,500,000 U.S. dollars.

7. Finland: The Lion’s Den

In Finland Dragons’ Den was first named Leijonan kita, which means the jaws or the mouth of a lion but the show re-emerged as the Lion’s Den.

8. Ukraine: Business Sharks

One of the Sharks was a former candidate for Ukraine’s presidency and is currently Vice Prime Minister.

9. Ireland: Dragon’s Den

Via rte.ie

A live, interactive “Sixth Dragon Game” was developed to be played while watching the show. Viewers are able to decide in real time if they’re IN or OUT as the pitches unfold.

10. Romania: Lions Arena

In Romania they actually have events for the entrepreneurs to learn how to start a business and also how to pitch on the show.

11. Spain: Your Chance

This is the newest version of the show, which began airing in October.

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