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    11 Reasons Why It's Frustrating Being A BuzzFeed Community Writer

    Great idea? Check. Featured? Maybe next time.

    1. Trying to come up with interesting, funny, cute topics that you KNOW will go viral - but don't.

    2. Wondering how many views actually counts as "going viral".

    3. Waiting for news to break and quickly write an article about it - that nobody notices.

    4. Getting really excited when you earn your first Cat Power, but then realizing its literally almost physically impossible to get to the fifth.

    5. Trying to find the perfect pictures to go with your articles.

    6. Waiting FOREVER (about two minutes) for your article to pass through the BuzzFeed gatekeepers to reach the "Just Launched" page.

    7. Posting your articles on Facebook, Reddit, Digg and whatever else could potentially get you extra views/likes/comments.

    8. Feeling like you made it when your first article reaches more than a thousand views.

    9. Feeling like you made it when your article reaches 10,000 views!


    10. Feeling like you really made it when that same article is featured on the BuzzFeed Community front page. What now B*tches!

    11. That horrible sinking feeling when you realize that your article, that you put your blood, sweat and tears into didn't reach the holy grail of "going viral" (and didn't even get you an extra cat power?!)

    BONUS: refusing to write an article on cute animals to get noticed by BuzzFeed staff but feeling like you might just crack under the pressure.

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