10 Signs You’re A Seminole

Go Noles!

10. You drink gatorade but you make sure to tell everyone FSU invented it.

9. You drool at the thought of Momo’s

Let’s get real… it IS the best pizza in the world.

8. Your wardrobe mainly consists of this

Just to remind everyone in case they forgot… how DARE they?!?

7. You’ve done the chop more than 20 times in 3 hours

And of course that includes the war chant.

6. You swear by Guthrie’s even though you’ve never tried it sober


5. You love talking Sh#!

The debate doesn’t end at best team in the state.

4. You pack these no matter where your going.

It’s all about comfort over fashion.

3. You are in your zone when you watch a game.

There is absolutely no excuse for someone interrupting you unless if it’s to ask if you need a refill.

2. This is what you get for christmas

Even if you never play it, you still think its awesome to have.

1. 1993 & 1999 are your two favorite years

Let’s add 2014 to that!

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