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18 Indulgent Easter Eggs For A Definitive End To Lent

This year, forget the £1.99 chocolate-flavoured plastic and splash out on one of these beauties instead.

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1. Duo Cracked Easter Eggs (Harrods, £9.95)

2. Fizzy Lemonade Egg (James Chocolates, £10)

3. Lindor Easter Egg (various shops, £10-£14)

4. Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Easter Egg (Ferrero Rocher, £12.50)

5. Crispy Heart Boxed Egg (Lily O’Brien’s, £13.19)

6. Raspberry Cheesecake Easter Egg (Thorntons, £14.99)

7. Dark Chocolate & Geranium Easter Egg (Bettys, £15)

8. London Gin Truffle Easter Egg (Prestat, £15)

9. Extra Large Marbled Egg (Linden Lady, £15)

10. Chicks ‘n’ Eggs (Amélie Chocolat, £23.95)

11. Dark Chocolate Velvet Egg (The Chocolate Society, £25)

12. Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Egg (Hotel Chocolat, £28)

13. Dark Chocolate Apricot and Heather Honey Easter Truffles Egg (William Curley, £35)

14. Sea Salt Caramel Truffle Milk Chocolate Egg (Charbonnel et Walker, £35)

15. Hand Decorated Milk Chocolate Egg (Fortnum and Mason, £39.95)

16. Giant Chocolate Rabbit (Selfridges, £39.99)

17. Eggs Ganache Coffret (La Maison du Chocolate, £52)

18. And finally... Tropical Bouquet Egg (Artisan du Chocolat, £250)

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