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Google Autocomplete Has Lowered My Faith In Humanity

Google Autocomplete is largely based on the most commonly entered searches depending on region and other factors. Playing with Google autocomplete in the USA has significantly lowered my faith in humanity and what they Google.

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Do Rappers Pay Taxes

Are Drugs Legal in Mexico

Do Cats Get Their Period

Are Millennials and Obama at War

Do Ghosts Fart

Is Canada A Country

No comment...

No comment...

Do Terrorists Have Tanks

Are Mirrors Accurate

Can You Smoke Catnip

Is Obama Gay

Are Panthers Dangerous to Humans

Where do Cashews Come From

I Ate My Twin in the Womb

Are Mermaids Real

Should I Bury Dog Poop

What Is That Smell Behind My Ears

Does McDonalds Drug Test

Will Alcohol Kill Lice

How Can Mirrors Be Real

Is Grumpy Cat Retarted

I Saw My Problems and I See The Light

I Want A Pet Squirrel

What Happens If You Swallow Glass

Does Sex Make You Smarter

Why Do Dolls Get Possessed

Will My Nose Get Smaller if I Lose Weight

Will My Doctor Deliver My Baby

Why Is My Poop Green

Was Hitler Jewish

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