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35 Awesomely Strange Seamless Special Instructions

Bet ya didn't know you could ask for things like unicorn drawings or a blessing from the pope with that grilled cheese.

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1. Unicorn Fiesta

2. Dank in Blaze City

3. The Conscientious Orderer

4. A High Note / Via Columbia Pictures

5. Draw Me A...






11. The Duck...

12. Limp Avocado

13. No More Fragile Cutlery

14. Pick Up & Delivery

15. Holy Sushi

16. Full Monty Fantasy?

17. A Genius System

18. Crime Scene Delivery / Via NBC

19. Would Jillian Michaels Approve?

20. OMG <3U2

21. Shower Bowl

22. Catlery

23. Delivery Emergency

24. Toe Tactics

25. Apple Store Problems

26. Tap Dance Craving

27. Crappy Elevators / Via New Line Cinema

28. Pregnant Boyfriend?

29. Self-Centered Sandwich

30. We Want More

31. Fat Loins?

32. Rolling Papers

33. Compromises

34. Love That Ox

35. Eat Pizza, Train Hard

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