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20 Ridiculous Bollywood Gifs

Bollywood is not known for its realism or lack of over-the-topness. These gifs prove it.

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1. The Super Punch


2. The Dancing Snuggie

3. The Sliding Horse


4. The Rainbow Vomit

5. The Camel

6. The Bus Ejection

7. The Big Reveal

8. The Coordinated Camcorder Dance

9. Fun With Guns

10. The Sexy Pour

11. The Matrix Fall

12. The Eyes of Hearts


Is this some newfangled Google glass?

13. The Money Shower

14. The Seductive Swing

15. The Cellphone Swarm

16. The Marylin Monroe

17. The 'Smack Dat Ass'

18. The Quadruple Peck

19. The Motorcycle Entrance

20. The Crotch Shot

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