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People Are Properly Crushing Hard On Antoni From "Queer Eye" Right Now

This is quite a thing, by the way, and I am here for you in this time of need.

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So, like me, you may have got into the revival of Queer Eye and become rather surprised at how meaningful and emotional this show is.

me: @QueerEye is a ground-breaking show on professionals in their fields&how they work. it was revolutionary when f…

Quite a few people have quietly fallen in love with him.


If Antoni from Queer Eye suggested I waterboard myself I wouldn’t hesitate

Even Netflix itself is into it.

it's so crazy how I'm super into cooking now after watching Queer Eye


I don't think the food guy in #QueerEye is even a chef. He's just a model staying one lesson ahead of the class he's teaching

Oh and if it is in any way useful, here is Antoni's Instagram. You're absolutely welcome.

Instagram: @antoni