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25 "Arrested Development" Quotes We Will Never Forget

"I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it."

We asked BuzzFeed Community members to tell us their favourite Arrested Development quotes. Here are just a few of the best responses.

1. When Michael Bluth didn't follow the instructions.

2. When Tobias nearly got arrested.

3. When Lindsay drank a bottle of vodka to herself.

4. When Lucille and Michael had a heart-to-heart not that long after he put her in rehab.

5. When Buster lost his hand to a seal.

6. When Lucille tried to get Anyong out of the house.

7. When Buster tried Lindsay's "Hot Ham Water".

8. When Gob failed a trick.

9. And when Lucille and Lindsay went to Klimpy's.

10. It didn't get any better.

11. When Lucille was frank about the homosexuals.

12. And Gob and Michael wanted to get rid of her.

13. When Lucille really needed a drink.

14. When Tobias gave this powerful speech.

15. This delightful story about Ann.

16. When George enlisted J. Walter Weatherman to teach the kids a lesson in the most brutal ways possible.

17. Although this was apparently his fate.

18. When Maeby decided to become religious.

19. When Buster was nailing it in the Army.

Submitted by Jamie Sadler on Facebook

20. When Michael mistakenly hired a prostitute thinking it was his sister, and then rang a colleague.

21. Bob Loblaw's excellent television commercial.

22. When Lucille spoke frankly about Stan Sitwell.

23. When everyone had their own interpretation of a chicken.

24. This really inappropriate father/son moment.

25. And finally, whatever the hell happened here.