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What Is Your Favourite WTF Eurovision Moment Of All Time?

"Alcohol! Alcohol! Alcohol is free!"

It's one of the best weeks on television in the entire year – Eurovision Week! – and we want you tell us about the WTF Eurovision moments you love.

BBC Eurovision / EBU

Maybe it is a classic line of sassy, cynical commentary by someone like Graham Norton or Terry Wogan.

BBC Eurovision / EBU

Maybe it is a weird bit of staging that a country did to get you to notice them when you were on your sixth drink.

BBC Eurovision / EBU

Maybe it is a lyric that you can't stop thinking about years later.

BEST LYRIC OF THE NIGHT #Eurovision #Italy cc @yplac

Or maybe it is a moment that nobody, not even the organisers themselves, saw coming.

BBC Eurovision / EBU

What's yours? Tell us your favourite WTF Eurovision moment in the dropbox below, along with any anecdote you may have, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.