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What TV Or Film Scarred You For Life When You Were A Child?

It can still be a thing that terrifies you as an adult.

There was always that one thing that terrified you on TV or in the cinema when you were a child.

For Ailbhe, it was the kids cartoon The Animals of Farthing Wood, simply because even though it was a kids show, there were so many deaths.

Cassie was terrified of Barney the Dinosaur and Jasmin hated the talking head from Art Attack, for pretty obvious reasons.

And Ellie, she was terrified by Courage the Cowardly Dog, particularly this weird foot monster thing.

Even things that aren't intentionally meant to scare can end up doing so. For example, I was terrified by the '90s BBC News theme because it always gave the impression of impending doom. I mean, just listen to it...

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What's yours? Tell us the TV show or film that you think scarred you when you were a kid using the dropbox below, along with any anecdote you may have, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!