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    15 Amazing Vod Quotes To Remember "Fresh Meat" By

    "God has given me a brain, and I'm choosing to do some pretty wicked things to it. Which may or may not result in further hospitalisation."

    1. When Vod had an argument with Oregon.

    2. When Josie told Vod that she was thinking of switching to studying pharmacology.

    3. When she met someone.

    4. When Vod got a job.

    5. And not long after she quit that job.

    6. When she needed a favour.

    7. When she didn't know how to make Coq Au Vin.

    8. When she was frustrated there wasn't a TV adaption of a book she had to read for an essay.

    9. When she talked about her gap year.

    10. When Vod was at a funeral reception.

    11. When she decided to take drastic action at a student fees protest in London.

    12. When she said a well-known saying slightly wrong.

    13. When Vod learnt that Kingsley hadn't lost his viriginity yet, but Kingsley didn't know that Vod knew.

    14. When she had completed her dissertation.

    15. And when she gave this speech.

    We'll miss you, Fresh Meat.