Twitter Account @Ditchenders Manages To Parody “Eastenders” And Shoreditch Brilliantly

“There’s a tense atmosphere in the Vic after lan opts-in the chip shop mailing lists to emails about his new veg box service.”

1. So you might have heard the news that Eastenders is trying to act like 21st Century Shoredtich.

2. Last week The Guardian reported that modern day Shoreditch will be reflected in the soap to make the soap feel more accurate.

The BBC plans to drag the long-running soap out of its 1980s timewarp to reflect more closely the 21st-century reality of gentrified east London, even promising to introduce “the edges of Shoreditch” to the show.

Last week the EastEnders writing team visited the Hackney square used as the inspiration for the show’s location when it began in 1985, at the start of a four-day story conference to thrash out plots for the next three months.

3. So, naturally, a parody account has kicked into action.

5. The account manages to successfully spoof Eastenders and Shoreditch at exactly the same time.

iStock / Thinkstock and Twitter: @ditchenders

6. Such as the area’s obsession with burrito vans…

7. Bitcoins…

Thinkstock / Lightboxx and Twitter: @ditchenders

8. And the nearby Docklands Light Railway.

You can follow the account at @ditchenders.

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