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    19 TV Show Endings That Properly Annoyed The Fuck Out Of People

    If you don't like spoilers, just a warning: There are many.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what TV show endings infuriated the hell out of them. Here's what they said:

    🚨 BE WARNED: There are many spoilers ahead. 🚨

    1. How I Met Your Mother

    CBS / 20th Century Fox

    "I know what happens in the final episode but I still refuse to actually watch it. I hated that we spent a whole season on Barney and Robin's wedding only for them to get divorced. They should have stayed together."


    "You waited for nine years to find out who the mother is just for her to die and for him to end up with Robin again. Absolute bullshit."


    "The show spent multiple seasons exposing how Ted and Robin just didn’t work, and that she never truly loved him in the way he needed to be loved. Why beat the dead horse and then decide hey, never mind, actually let’s resurrect this horse into a terrifying zombie horse that NOBODY asked for?"


    2. Angel

    The WB / 20th Television

    "To this day I'm so bitter that they canceled the show in the middle of Season 5. It made it practically impossible for the writers to wrap up all loose ends and give us a satisfying conclusion. It deserved better. Especially given that Season 5 was hands down the best season."

    – Aniela, Facebook

    "The last season of Angel was such a mess. I honestly don't get people who say it's overall such a better show than Buffy."

    – Samantha, Facebook

    3. Dexter

    Showtime / CBS Television

    "The show steadily lost quality after Season 4, but the very last episode was soooooooo bad. I was hoping that at least it would end with some semblance of coherence, but it was everything it was never supposed to be. There have been multiple fan-made endings that are 1,000% better than what we got."


    "The end of Dexter was an abomination. Sure, let’s dump Deb’s body into the ocean, sail off into a hurricane, and then somehow emerge later on as a lumberjack...all after abandoning your son to live with your murderous girlfriend. Cool."


    "I don’t know one person who saw it who liked it. They just undid eight seasons of character development in one episode."


    4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

    Saeed Adyani/Netflix

    "Those last four words and then just a black screen. I did not wait all those years to go back to Stars Hollow just to have a hole in my heart."


    "How in the world could they not let Jess and Rory end up together? And after all those years still leave us with a sentence that could mean so many things for the character's life? Should’ve just left it the way it was."


    5. Pretty Little Liars

    Freeform / Warner Bros. TV

    "We waited seven seasons for them to reveal the person behind everything was a character that we’d never even met!"


    "Spencer has a secret evil British twin who was involved with the awful British doctor who used to be engaged to her adopted sister? And the twin decided to ruin the lives of her and her friends using a ridiculously complicated board game that blew out poisonous gas? It was complete nonsense."


    "Pretty. Little. Liars. What. The. Shit."


    6. Gossip Girl

    Warner Bros / The CW

    "Dan as 'Gossip Girl' makes no sense – they try to explain it but there are so many plot holes. How did Dan end up with Serena when he was literally the worst?! And what happened to all of their college degrees? Did anyone graduate? Did anyone do anything meaningful with their lives other than be rich and get married?"


    7. Hemlock Grove

    Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix

    "Without a doubt, Hemlock Grove. The first season was so good, and I stuck by through the weird second season. The whole third season was a total clusterfuck and the ending was so out of character."


    "I get that it was unexpectedly closed, but the writers didn't even try to wrap things up in a logical way. They were like: 'OK, we'll just kill everyone.'"

    – Marie, Facebook

    8. Girls


    "They took us to places so deep and on crazy journeys. To have Hannah and the girls just left like that was so blah."


    "I loved this show and in the beginning, I felt such a connection to Hannah. But as the series went on, instead of growing and learning from her experiences, she became more and more self-involved, and everything still worked out for her.

    "It’s just frustrating how a character can make awful choices and treat her friends horribly, but still have people on her side."


    9. Scrubs

    ABC / Disney–ABC Television / Via

    "The end of Season 8 ended perfectly with JD and Elliot, tied up all loose ends, but then Season 9 happened, which not only revolved around a completely different set of characters at a different hospital, but ended up being a disaster that I didn’t even bother to finish watching.

    "It just made me mad that they ruined a perfectly good ending to try to squeeze out more money from the show."


    10. Mad Men

    AMC / Lionsgate Television

    "I don’t think it deserved an open ending. I wanted everything to be tied up and make sense. Don Draper just became a completely different person and all of a sudden found happiness and peace? No!"


    11. Desperate Housewives

    ABC / Disney–ABC Television

    "For the women to all move away and never speak to each other again? After everything they went through and the years of friendship? It was just so lazy. The writers couldn’t be bothered to give any character a proper ending."


    "It was one of the best shows and then, after all they went through together, it ends with the ladies never seeing each other ever again. And the weird ghost montage...and the cliffhanger secret box? Nope."


    12. In the Flesh

    Des Willie / BBC / BBC Three

    "Is she alive or dead? We will never know and it’s driving me crazy!"


    13. Merlin

    BBC / FremantleMedia

    "I love that show with all my heart but the ending was just too damn heartbreaking and frustrating. Arthur only found about Merlin's magic when he was basically on his death bed, Gwaine died, Morgana died, Mordred died, Gwen was left a widow, not to mention the weird modern-day element at the end."

    – Hannah, Facebook

    "I like to pretend the last episode doesn't exist. It was such a great show that just felt really rushed at the end."

    – Kathleen, Facebook

    14. Chuck

    NBC / Warner Bros

    "One of the main characters loses her memory and never gets it back. Just ends with her forgetting all about what happened over the last five years. Never gets to say goodbye."


    "After five seasons and investing so heavily in Chuck and Sarah's relationship, a cliffhanger?! REALLY, GUYS?! I need to know if she remembers."


    15. The Mindy Project

    Hulu / NBCUniversal

    "It felt so rushed and just very messy. It didn't compare to the previous seasons at all. The finale didn't feel like a finale.

    "I just didn't feel like some of my favourite characters on television were given a proper send-off."

    – Tayla, Facebook

    16. Quantum Leap

    NBC / NBCUniversal Television

    "Love the show, and after five amazeball seasons, it was such a let down to learn that Sam never made it home."

    – Doreen, Facebook

    17. Major Crimes

    Art Streiber / TNT / Warner Bros Television

    "In the final season the showrunners decided to have a tantrum because the show had been cancelled. The main character was killed mid-season and then an entire legacy was erased. At the end, a murder was committed and covered up. The takeaway? Follow the rules and be successful, and you will die a terrible untimely death and be forgotten. If you break all the rules, whine, and do everything selfishly you will get away with murder."

    – Jen, Facebook

    18. Friends

    NBC / Warner Bros. Television

    "As a kid I rooted for Ross and Rachel, but growing up I realised she should have stayed on the plane. It was a phenomenal job experience to be in Paris, one that would have helped her career skyrocket, not to mention how toxic their relationship was."


    "The only good things that came were Monica and Chandler getting their kids."


    19. And finally, people are very split about Lost

    Bad Robot / ABC

    "It was terrible. They didn’t explain of the plot lines. They were dead?! And the last scene in the church. And the Man called Jacob who guards the light. The smoke monster who was actually his brother. I’m so confused."


    "The ending of Lost only pissed off the people that didn't actually understand Lost."

    – Bryant, Facebook

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