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    14 "Trading Spaces" Makeovers That Haven't Really Aged That Well

    I rewatched Trading Spaces, the US version of Changing Rooms. Many of the transformations are interesting.

    Last year I watched episodes of a popular '90s British interior design show called Changing Rooms and noticed that some of the designs have not stood the test of time.

    Endemol UK / BBC

    No, you're not the only one who thinks this looks like a sex dungeon.

    Well, I have just watched Trading Spaces, the US version of the show. And the rooms here haven't aged well either.

    1. Like this playroom for a baby, decorated with hay.

    TLC / Via

    Designer's explanation: "I really wanted to bring out the straw colour of the sofa as the whole room has been designed around the sofa."

    Owner's reaction: "It smells great in here." [opens their eyes] "Oh god... oh shit."

    My review: I would move house after seeing this. I wouldn't pack, I'd just run.

    The owner's face when it is revealed simply says it all.


    2. This "prisoners of love" solitary confinement bedroom.


    Designer's explanation: "I wanted to do something really interesting."

    Owner's reaction: "Hahahahahahaha... This is WILD."

    My review: No.

    Special shout-out to this mural of a prison above their bed and this bench made out of wood and two toilets.


    3. This room, apparently inspired by safari adventures.


    Designer's explanation: "It just all fits together."

    Owner's reaction: [screams] (clarification: in excitement)

    My review: It looks like a zebra exploded.

    What I like about this room is that there's a random hanging bunch of bananas and a plate of vegetables.


    4. This room decorated with the designer's actual face.


    Designer's explanation: "I wanted to throw in an element of fun."

    Owner's review: "How................random."

    My review: I can't type.

    Good luck trying to sleep tonight.


    5. This bathroom decorated with more than 6,000 flowers.


    Designer's explanation: "All rooms look great with flowers."

    Owner's review: "There's so many."

    My review: I don't know where to begin? It is never explained whether the flowers are real or not. If they are, what happens when the flowers die?!

    How do you water a wall?!??!!


    6. This kimono-inspired room decorated with actual rust.


    Designer's explanation: "These people needed some change."

    Owner's reaction: "Look at the wall! Look at the WALL!"

    My reaction: I don't think rust has ever been in fashion.

    I am a big admirer of the owner's facial expression when it's revealed, when the presenter says, "It's actually rust."


    7. This room that was decorated with a paintball gun.


    Designer's explanation: "I wish the paintballs would have stayed, but in this heat."

    Owner's review: "I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it."

    My review: I like the paintings that look like stills from a pop video from the mid '90s. My colleague Ellie asked: "Why does it look like a brothel?"

    The most offensive thing is that this is a bed.


    This is not a bed.

    I wonder why paintballing your walls hasn't caught on.


    8. This room where they painted it all white.


    Designer's explanation: "We thought it would be interesting to see what an all-white and an all-black room would be like."

    Owner's review: "I hate it. Get this mic off me."

    My review: If you spill one cup of tea everything is fucked.

    9. The designer mentioned an "all-black" room. Here is the "all-black" office in the other couple's house.


    Presenter's explanation: "I knew they would be up for a dramatic change. I'm very, very proud of this room."

    Owner's reaction: "It's fucking amazing."

    My reaction: If you spilled your tea here it wouldn't matter.

    10. This room that was decorated with hanging lamps.


    Designer's explanation: "I love the way that they are suspended because it brings the ceiling to the level of the bed and the floor."

    Owner's reaction: "Look at it. It hangs."

    My reaction: Imagine switching the lamp off and it falling on you.

    I can see why hanging lamps haven't caught on.


    11. This room that was decorated with 1,800 CDs. That's CDs on every single part of the walls.


    Owner's reaction: "Oh cool" [the child]. "Ohhhhhh my god" [the parent].

    My reaction: Well, there we have it. The most early '00s thing I have ever seen.

    12. This room where metal was not the answer.


    Owner's reaction: "..."

    My review: Needs more metal.

    13. This "beach cabana"–inspired room that ended up turning into a literal beach.


    Designer's explanation: "Now we can take the shoes off. And feel the sand between our toes! It's not dirt."

    Owner's reaction: "Oh MY GOD."

    My review: I can't wait for the tide to come in.

    My favourite moment of this episode is when the sand turns up and the face of the person decorating this room is just pure fear.


    14. P.S. I have gone round to your house and have put all of your furniture on the ceiling, just like in one episode.


    Hope that's OK.