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This Is How The "Top Gear" Crew Came Under Attack In Argentina

The crew were attacked because a mob believed that the licence plate of Jeremy Clarkson's vehicle referenced the Falklands War. Following speculation that the licence plate was chosen on purpose, the show has now broadcast its version of events.

You may have heard about the latest Top Gear controversy, which saw the crew's cars attacked by a mob in Argentina.

The licence plate on Jeremy Clarkson's car contained the letters FKL, which some have argued was chosen deliberately as a reference to the Falklands War.

Top Gear has said that the FKL licence plate was coincidental, adding: "We would not base a joke around soldiers in conflict." The episode featuring the attack has now aired in the UK, and shows viewers the producers' version of events.

The episode starts with an explanation.

Top Gear /

Presenters Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson explain that they are driving to Ushuaia in Argentina, where the battleship Belgrano sailed from at the start of the Falklands War. They says they are travelling there to build relations, build a stadium, and then play a friendly game of car football with some Argentinians.

Clarkson says this:

Top Gear /

The team say they knew about this before they arrived in Argentina but argue that there was little they could do, as licence plates cannot easily be changed. They say they had a plan to get around the issue but "we were never given the chance".

A typical episode of Top Gear follows.

Top Gear /

It consists of spectacular scenery, cars that keep breaking down, and oversized objects they have to carry getting damaged. All very similar to other Top Gear specials set in Vietnam and India.

The real action happens when they arrive at...

Top Gear / the last 10 minutes of the programme.

They say the football game has been planned and that the stadium is being put together by locals.

Top Gear /

They show the shipping containers that are to be used as the framework and the cars the Argentinians are planning to use for the car football.

However, they've been tipped off that there is to be a protest ahead, so they check into a nearby hotel.

Top Gear /

The image above is of some people they believe to be acting suspiciously outside their hotel.

The Top Gear team are told it wouldn't be safe to leave.

Top Gear /

Clarkson says the people outside are a "gang" of war veterans and associates who have told the crew there will be trouble if they continued filming. Then the police arrive, confirming the seriousness of the situation.

We see the head of the group, who argues that the number plate was a reference to the Falklands.

Top Gear /

Viewers are told that producers told the veterans the number plate was going to be replaced before the game of car football, but negotiations stalled.

The crew are then ordered to leave.

Top Gear /

May says they received a warm welcome in the rest of the country.

They seem rather upset by this decision.

They explain to us that they were told by the war veterans that a mob was on its way and that they only have three hours for the crew to leave the hotel. However, as the presenters are the main targets, they have to stay in the hotel.

The crew are attacked after they depart from the hotel that night on their way to the border.

Top Gear /

Bikes start to get in the way of the convoy.

Top Gear /

The crew are told by police that an angry mob is ahead in a nearby town.

The crew's cars are attacked by eggs, then rocks.

Top Gear / /

Viewers hear a lot of bangs for roughly a minute. It's interspersed with footage the gang uploaded to YouTube after attacking the vehicles.

The crew then manage to escape the mob.

Top Gear /

Two people are hurt, and the crew cars will later be repaired.

But the cars featured in the show are abandoned.

Top Gear /

Clarkson (in a voiceover) explains that the cars were a "magnet for trouble".

The crew then go off-road "fearing for their lives" after being warned that another mob is ahead.

Top Gear /

We then see the damage to the cars caused by the mob, which consists of this.

Top Gear /

And this.

Top Gear /

And this.

Top Gear /

The crew then successfully cross into nearby Chile. However, the episode doesn't explain how the presenters manage to flee the hotel during the attack.

You can watch the full episode here (UK viewers only).

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