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Tituss On The Song In "Kimmy Schmidt": "It Makes Me Cry Whenever I Think About It"

"We'll never stop. We'll just keep moving forward. Even though we don't know what we're moving towards. They say life's too short, but they're wrong. It's so long. Sometimes the only way to go is to just go on."

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In the fifth episode of the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus (Tituss Burgess) starts feeling depressed not long after Lillian (Carol Kane) points out that he seems to be in a very good mood.


He explained the complexity of Titus's character:

He's such a multi-layered person and I think he's had to run away from who he was made to be, and is still running towards who he wants to be.

And what that does to you, living in New York, trying to perform, not being able to pay your bills, being made to live with strangers 'cause circumstances mandate that you have to pay your rent, so if you can't do it you have to think who can. It puts you in these predicaments that bring out parts of you you never knew existed.

You can watch him talk about it here.

Scott Bryan / Netflix