This Twitter Exchange Between The Daily Express And The Sunday Sport Is Priceless

A newspaper known for soft pornography criticises a newspaper’s weather reports.

1. The Daily Express published this earlier today.

Its 278364856485th weather related headline this year (probably).

2. It got quite a lot of flak from people on Twitter.



Hey look - the @Daily_Express have got a horror winter weather story based on a few long-range forecasters - how many is that now?

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Gary Bainbridge


“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas/With hurricanes and tsunamis” - Daily Express editor.

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Kellie Hill


Why does the Daily Express insist that we have a “Day After Tomorrow” situation imminent? It’s like they WANT us to freeze to death.

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5. And then this exchange happened.

6. You know the Sunday Sport. They publish this.

10. But they are mainly known for this.

11. Well done Sunday Sport. You won Twitter today.

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