This Twitter Conversation Between BBC One And BBC Two About “The Great British Bake Off” Is Lovely

Two channels tweeted each other, and a delightful pun battle was born.

1. You *might* have heard that The Great British Bake Off is back tonight.

Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC

BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon


You *might* also have heard that it has now moved over to BBC One.

2. So last night BBC Two tweeted this lovely message.

3. BBC One responded with this.

4. And a lovely exchange was born.

@BBCOne The puff gets doughing?

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo)

@BBCTwo We knead to stop these baking puns my dear friend. We have nothing to prove. #GBBO

— BBC One (@BBCOne)

8. And the public? Of course they joined in.

@BBCTwo @BBCOne At yeast they let you have a spin off show.

— Daniel @ Telly Spy (@tellyspy)

@bbcone @bbctwo Doughnut give in to them, Two. You will rise again.

— James (@JamesMcr90)

10. BBC Two also tweeted this touching final dinner.

As Bake Off is going to @BBCOne tomorrow, tonight is technically our last evening with the programme. We went for a farewell dinner. #gbbo

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo)

Bake Off ordered cake. “You don't want a starter or anything?” we asked. “No, Two,” Bake Off said. “There is only cake.”

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo)

As the night went on we laughed, we cried, we reminisced. Soggy bottoms, Paul’s sapphire eyes, Mary’s floral jackets. It was lovely.

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo)

Later we dropped them off at One’s country mansion. "Goodbye, Two," said Bake Off. "We’ll always have the squirrel." And they were gone.

— BBC Two (@BBCTwo)

14. Well done, social media managers. C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E.

BBC One /

BBC One /


Want to know the people behind these social media accounts? Well, the social media manager for both channels is Rajiv Nathwani. The voice for BBC One is Ben Rawson-Jones, and for BBC Two it is Jonathan OB (who also runs the Twitter account for Waterstones Oxford Street).

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