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    "This Morning" Has Now Tackled The Important Issue Of Vagina Facials

    Lisa Palmer, a dating and relationship coach for the over-forties, has invented the "vajacial", a procedure that helps treat "dry, sagging vaginas".

    This Morning had an eye-catching feature today.

    ITV / This Morning

    This is Lisa Palmer. She's the inventor the vagina facial, or "vajacial", which claims to help improve a part of a woman's body that is often neglected.

    ITV / This Morning

    Palmer, a dating and relationship coach for the over-forties, says that "80% [of her clients] have got dry, sagging vaginas", and that being in a long-term relationship can result in people neglecting their vaginas.

    This was Phillip Schofield's reaction to her claims.

    ITV / This Morning

    Schofield questioned Palmer calling her procedure a "vajacial", because her treatment is predominantly for the outside part of the vagina rather than the inside. It has also not been tested by scientists. According to her, "They haven't said a word."

    She has tested a variety of ingredients. One time she inserted sliced onions into her vagina.

    ITV This Morning /

    She "put it in there and mixed it round" because she says onions are great to prevent aging.

    Her current treatment includes a spoonful of Vitamin E cream, coconut oil, honey, and an egg white.

    ITV / This Morning

    However, before applying the cream, the area around your vagina needs to be steamed for 15 minutes.

    ITV / This Morning

    You should start seeing a difference within three to six months.

    Seventy-four-year-old Abigail hoped to give the treatment a try, saying it might help continue the spark between her and her 30-year-old toyboy.

    ITV / This Morning
    ITV / This Morning

    She then tried the treatment out for herself off-screen. And this is what she had to say about it.

    ITV / This Morning

    She told the presenters, "Well I'm going to reserve my judgement until the next time I dance the horizontal tango."

    The interview ended after Scholfield said this.

    This Morning / ITV

    "If you've got a shambolic downstairs, you put this on."