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    This Is What We All Learned From The "Apprentice" Coach-From-Hell Episode

    Watch The Apprentice on BBC One or iPlayer and then come here. Here's every single thing that mattered from this week.

    1. What did we learn from this week's Apprentice? Well, Nick Hewer in a car park looks cooler than you.

    Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle / Via

    2. Daniel came out with some more horrific boasts.

    BBC / Mark Burnett Productions /


    3. James likes to negotiate discounts so steep you end up thinking that you are actually being robbed.

    Mark Burnett Production / Freemantle /

    Here's a still of the woman's facial expression, by the way. / Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle

    4. Team Tenacity didn't sell enough tickets so they went to see some focus groups.

    Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle /


    5. You're interrupting their half-attended dinner.

    Mark Burnett Productions / BBC / Freemantle

    6. The coaches then departed and Felipe was wearing a very impressive jacket.

    Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle /

    7. Meanwhile on Team Summit they welcomed customers in a NOT AT ALL awkward way. / Freemantle

    OK. Sure.

    8. And then shouted farmyard songs, which caused Karren Brady to do this. / / Freemantle

    9. We also learned that Tenacity's lunch looked like it might kill you and everyone you love.

    Mark Burnett Productions / / BBC

    10. This review by Mark more or less sums it all up.

    Mark Burnett Productions /

    11. Still, could be worse. This happened on Summit's coach.

    Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle /

    12. This was swiftly followed by commentary about Canterbury that led a passenger to do this.

    Mark Burnett Productions / Freemantle /

    13. Meanwhile, on Felipe's boat he offered passengers a list. / Freemantle

    14. If only if they had run that past BuzzFeed first. / Digital Vision. / Thinkstock

    15. We learnt that Karren can give shade wearing shades. / /

    So much shade right now.

    16. And that Daniel goes into a mega sulk if anyone criticises his boasting, even if nearly all of his boasts are lies. / Freemantle

    17. But don't hate him too much. His boasts are *sometimes amazing*. Remember this one?

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