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This Is The Happiest Man At The Eurovision Song Contest

His name is Martin Grubinger, and he owned the stage more than any other performer.

There was a big band playing at the interval during Eurovision. It was a bit WTF.

Eurovision / BBC

And there was a guy who was like...

BBC / Eurovision

He switched to this drum and OWNED IT.

BBC / Eurovision

Nothing else matters.

BBC / Eurovision

This. Is. His. Night.

BBC / Eurovision

Just look at him go.

Eurovision / BuzzFeed

Screw these other songs.

BBC / Eurovision


Eurovision / BBC

Even if you did not like the performance, at least this guy had the happiest night of his life.

BBC / Eurovision

And now he's all anyone's talking about.

I want what this drummer has taken. #Eurovision2015

This drummer just F*CKING LOVES DRUMMING #eurovision

Eurovision Songs from so many countries, and the most memorable artist is an ecstatic drummer

life goal: to be as happy as the drummer on Eurovision

Well done Martin Grubinger. You won tonight.

Eurovision / BBC

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