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    Tituss Burgess On The Dance At The End Of The First "Kimmy Schmidt"

    "On Broadway, most of the choreographers are like, 'You go down stage and sing and we'll make people dance round you,'" Tituss Burgess told BuzzFeed UK.

    At the end of the first new episode of Kimmy Schmidt, Titus and his-ex wife Vonda do a special wedding dance on a station platform. It's quite something.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Netflix

    And my god they make dancing look so easy.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Netflix

    Really damn easy.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Netflix

    Holy macaroni.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Netflix

    In an interview with BuzzFeed UK, Tituss Burgess said he was not confident about that scene because he doesn't consider himself to be a good dancer at all. / Via Netflix

    BuzzFeed: "That was smooth. SMOOTH."

    Tituss: "Smooth because we have great editors!" [laughs]

    He said he used his knowledge of TV-making to make the dance look far better than he feels it was.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Tituss, don't berate yourself. You're an A+ dancer.

    3 Arts Entertainment / Netflix

    You can watch our Q&A here.

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