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    There's A Website That Tells You How Much Time You've Spent Watching Your Favourite TV Shows

    It's enlightening and depressing at exactly the same time.

    It seems so innocent. You type in a show you've watched and the number of seasons you've seen.

    The counter at the top then starts increasing.

    So you keep adding the shows you've watched.

    Really really quite scared.

    Add in 15 shows.

    And then, eventually...

    You can try it out for yourself here.

    The website was created by Alex Cican, a designer and photographer, from Cyprus.

    "As a designer, I like practicing and learning new skills," Alex told BuzzFeed in an email. "I wanted to make a small side-project that would search for something and return something. I don't remember how I ended up searching for shows,"

    And how many days did he waste watching television?

    "I wasted about 60 days."