The Utterly Bizarre Good British Funeral Awards

Do you work with the dead? You might get an award!

1. One day (but hopefully not today) you will die

2. Sad isn’t it?

3. But it doesn’t need to be…

4. Yes really. The Good Funeral Awards ‘recognise outstanding service to the bereaved’.

This was from the first funeral awards, in 2011.

5. Just look at the amazing awards on offer

6. These were some of the coffins sold by the winners of the ‘Coffin Supplier of the Year’ award.

13. Who were the winners of the ‘Best Alternative to a Hearse’ award?

16. This was one of the ‘Cementary of the Year’ winners

17. And who will be presenting the awards this year?

He’ll remember this day for the rest of his… life.

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