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Betty The Teacher Is The Best Goddamn Character In "The OA"

Don't read this post until you've at least finished the SEVENTH episode.

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Betty (Phyllis Smith) is a fucking awesome character in The OA and we need to give her more credit.

Plan B / Netflix

In a thoroughly confusing and off-beat show, she kept me going. Why?


5. You can tell that she gives a shit about the pupils she teaches, just like a teacher that you had.

Plan B / Netflix

We all know a teacher who tries but never seemed to have got the damn credit.


10. And then she made the ultimate sacrifice to save Steve, when he was on his way to military school.

Plan B / Netflix

Her plan spectacularly backfired, but then her second one worked perfectly.

And the fact that she knew that $50,000 would change her life circumstances but was completely not fussed to give it all away.


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