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    Here's Why ITV's "The Nightly Show" Isn't Working (Yet)

    We're watching because you might not be.

    The Nightly Show, ITV's new five-nights-a-week talk show, has not had the most successful of starts, with its viewing figures pretty hit and miss.

    1. The very first episode of The Nightly Show on Monday, which had to be good, was not funny.

    2. The idea to replace the presenter every single week is frankly ridiculous.

    3. The Nightly Show has enough content to fill an entire hour, but it's squeezed into half the time.

    4. Each episode has felt a bit disjointed – because it seems like there's a desperation for segments to go viral.

    5. They end the 30-minute slot with a random feature where they show a video from the internet.

    All shows have their niggles and take time to find their feet. Live television, too, is so damn hard to pull off well and when a live production is actually fantastic, to the viewer it looks so easy.

    The Nightly Show continues on ITV at 10pm Monday to Friday. John Bishop hosts next week.