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"The Lego Movie" Directors Mocked The Oscars, But TV Didn't Show It

Chris Miller and Phil Lord made a dig about how they weren't nominated for an Oscar, but their speech was left out of the main awards broadcast. It was instead played on a highlights show later that evening.

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The LEGO Movie won Best Animated Feature at the BAFTAs last night, but directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s speech was not shown in full on TV during coverage of the main awards ceremony.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Why? Likely it was due to time constraints. Instead, their full speech was shown on BBC One at nearly midnight, in a special programme assigned for BAFTA awards for hair and make up, costume and production.

They made a couple of notable digs at their lack of an Oscar nomination in their speech, starting with this. / Courtesy of BAFTA/BBC 2015

Chris Miller: "You guys win the best award for best Academy."

Phil Lord: "Oh you are our favourite Academy by far."

Then, after various thanks to people, Lord admitted "This is the end of the awards road for us." / Courtesy of BAFTA/BBC 2015

"The good news though is that we can say whatever we want tonight. There are no consequences. There is no-one else left to impress and there is nothing to lose, so this is what we really think..."


Still, their speech was nothing compared to this response, posted on the day The Lego Movie wasn't nominated for an Oscar.