The Independent Has A Striking New Look This Morning

And it’s not just the front page that looks different.

Here’s today’s front page. It looks… different.

Twitter: @amolrajan

Here’s how it looks inside:

The paper has certainly got an upmarket feel, with editorials featuring on page two, essays occupying the centre of the paper and columnists given entire pages to express their views.

Here’s what the editor Amol Rajan has got to say about the redesign:

But there was this little subediting fail in the sports section.

Twitter: @scottygb

So how does compare to redesigns in the past? Well, The Independent’s last redesign was in 2011, with the introduction of the big bold masthead.

It’s current ABC daily average circulation figures are 68,928 (46,393 of which are paid-for). Back in October 2011, it had a daily average circulation of 133,449 (65,315 paid for). The paper now costs £1.40. Back then it cost £1.

In 2010, it looked like this. i launched the same day.

ABC April 2010 Daily Average Circulation: 160,814 (89,576 paid for). Cost: £1.

And in 2008, there was this “full colour” redesign.

ABC Daily Average Circulation Sept 2008: 167,092 (119,564 paid for). Cost: £1.

And before then? The newspaper looked like this:

ABC Daily Average Circulation Jan 2007: 217,056 (164,600 paid for). Cost: 70p.

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