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    The Dinosaur Supervisor In "Jurassic Park" Has The Sassiest Response To His Critics

    But he's been demoted to a dinosaur consultant for Jurassic World, because of the meme :(

    Remember Phil Tippett, the so-called dinosaur supervisor in the original Jurassic Park film?

    Which would mean he's responsible for all of this.

    I mean... WHAT THE HELL, PHIL?

    He’s not a dinosaur supervisor anymore. For the new film, he’s credited as a “Dinosaur Consultant" — and he blames his fans for the title change.

    Here is his name in the closing credits of the film.

    Downgraded from 'Dinosaur Supervisor' to just a 'Dinosaur Consultant.' PEOPLE STILL DIED PHIL. LOADS OF PEOPLE.

    But he's still defending his role.

    to be fair, there were a lot of dinosaurs. it was a large job.

    And when a fan tweeted at him about the new film, he said this.

    @aryousavvy everything is going according to plan --

    And he's actually an Academy Award–winning visual effects producer who has spent more than 30 years making effects for films such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

    But most of all, he's sassy as hell.

    @DanJLaw @JurassicQuotes everybody who has a dinosaur named after them raise their hand. anyone? oh, just me? that's right.