The 22 Horrible Stages Of Filling In Your Self-Assessment Tax Return

“Tax doesn’t have to be taxing.” OH YES IT BLOODY WELL DOES.

1. It is the end of April. You receive a letter.


It is a brown envelope. A BROWN ENVELOPE. You fear opening it.

2. It’s a letter from HMRC asking you to submit your tax return! You’ve got until January to submit it. Should you do it now?

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HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you’re kidding right?

3. Whenever you think about submitting your return, you procrastinate by thinking about the person who used to do HMRC’s adverts, Moira Stuart.

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Dan Kitwood / Getty Images


<3 Moira Stuart.

4. Then January arrives.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

5. You log in to the HMRC website. Your username and password are really easy to remember.

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6. Then this happens, of course.

Forget your login? Don’t worry. HMRC will send it to you by post!

So convenient.

7. Finally, you’ve made it in. Now to complete your tax return. Where is it? Where….errrr, where is it?

You fear touching half the buttons on the page in case you get a fine.

8. You find it. Do you have everything you need to fill in your self-assessment for the year?

Oh, wait a minute, you’ve misplaced all of your invoices…


Jack Mackie Productions / Nickelodeon Productions

“I’m so going to get a fine and get Tasered if I can’t find them, aren’t I?”

10. Found them! Time to start filling the form in.

Until you get to questions like these.

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11. Every page makes you feel like this.

12. “I know. I’ll go and click on the help button.” You click on it and it doesn’t answer anything.


13. Three hours pass. This is your progress.

14. Now it’s the maths. Problem? You’ve forgotten everything about maths. You resort to doing this.

15. And then there’s the expenses! You kept and filed your receipts so you know what you spent.

16. You also pour a glass of wine and think…

Now to work out your calculation.

17. You fear how much you will owe. Even though you’ve worked it out in your head already, it could turn out to be anything.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

18. As a result, you’re a little bit stressed.

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19. And you think about going into your savings.


And after you’ve got your calculation and worked everything out…

20. You fear the police will be on your door at any moment because you made a mistake somewhere.

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21. But no sweat! It’s seems to have all gone to plan, you’ve managed to pay and you haven’t had your house raided (yet). You feel like celebrating a little.

22. But do you feel this good? NOPE.

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