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    Sorry, But That Picture Of The Solar Eclipse From The International Space Station Isn't Real

    It's actually CGI – and the image has been circulating online for years.

    A photo of today's solar eclipse, purporting to be taken from the International Space Station, has been widely shared on social media, generating thousands of retweets.

    Looks like #Cortana RT @JasonElsom: "Solar eclipse at Int Space Station. #eclipse2015" @Lumia @cortanaquotes

    It was even shared by the Daily Record.

    The Solar eclipse as seen from the International Space Station.

    ITV Meridian made a post for it, but it has been since taken down.

    Beautiful image of the eclipse from @Space_Station except it's fake

    Unfortunately, the image isn't from today – and isn't even real.

    As Gizmodo reported back in 2012, it's actually a CGI image originally posted on DeviantArt by user A4size-ska, from 2009.

    You can find the original photo here. It's still pretty though.

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