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The French "Bake Off" Did Halloween Bakes And They're All Pretty Horrific

This is really quite intense.

I got a DM from a mate demanding I watch the French version of Bake Off. He said: "The Halloween special has some of the most disturbing items."

He's not wrong. This was the technical challenge.

And I thought making jaffa cakes on British Bake Off, when you can easily go to the shops, is WTF enough.

Needless to say the bakers looked thrilled when they were told that they had to bake these.

You could feel the excitement in the room.

Then it came to the judging, and the reactions were stronger than what Paul, Mary or Prue have ever given.

This one didn't do too badly but they really should have toned it down slightly with the nail polish.

And then it was time for the Showstopper Challenge.

Holy shit.

Oh BTW: they sliced this cake like this.


You wouldn't see this on the British Bake Off.

One person baked a coffin like this.

And another baker made a cake like this.

And it looked like this when it was opened.

Why are they doing this to themselves?

Not exactly sure what is going on with this bake.

Oh by the way, when you cut it open a hell of a lot of fake eyeballs fall out, which is just lovely.

Another decided to decorate their bake with maggots.

I did more digging, and I realised this isn't the first time that they have done a Halloween style challenge on Le Meilleur Patissier. This is a standout one from last year.

Happy baking!