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    14 "Snog Marry Avoid" Transformations That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

    The BBC Three show has had some pretty remarkable transformations over the years, but it raises the question: is it better to be yourself than pretend to be someone else?

    1. Snog Marry Avoid was a British TV show in late '00s which focussed on natural beauty by giving "makeunders" to members of the public.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction afterwards: "I feel like I'm on top of the world."

    2. Luke: "I like to put three to four layers of self tan on."

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction afterwards: "I like the outfit, the outfit is cool. It's quite Essex-y and dapper."

    3. Lady Desalina: "I express myself how I choose to."

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "No way. I look lovely. The dress is very cute."

    4. Cara, who was rated 100% avoid before her make-under.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "I feel like I'm in Grease! Oh my god."

    5. Vicky, who loves her trademark leopard look.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "It feels like I am going to a posh restaurant or something."

    6. Jane, who loathes the terribly beige clothing.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "I like the colour of the dress. Not very me, very stylish though. I look like a Barbie doll."

    7. Jasmin, who was known for her strong eyebrows.


    Reaction: "Is that actually me? I love this shit."

    8. Cher impersonator: "I'd like to have a new look."

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "I like it, I feel like a 50's film star."

    9. Dan, who says: "It takes me ages to get ready."

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "I look like a completely different person. I actually like it though."

    10. Lara, who wants people to always remember her look.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "Oh my god. It's a real shock. I just feel grown-up."

    11. Louise, who loves pink and her beauty spot.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "Oh my god! Look at me. I feel like Cheryl Cole."

    12. Robb, who loves to be the centre of attention.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "What a shock. Don't know what to say. I really like it."

    13. Rob, who dresses up like a Lord for some reason.

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: He's pretty speechless.

    14. Kate, who she's "Pat Butcher meets Frankenstein."

    BBC Three / Via

    Reaction: "Oh my god. I don't like it to be honest, it's not really me."

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