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Apr 4, 2016

"Sex Box", The TV Show Where People Have Sex In A Box, Is Back And Oh My Fucking God

Sometimes, British TV is too drunk and needs to be told to go home.

The weirdest programme of 2013 was Sex Box, a Channel 4 show where people literally had sex in a box in front of a studio audience for some reason.

The show got terrible reviews and we all thought we would never see it again.

Until now. Sex Box is back because according to their survey we are SEXUALLY REPRESSED, as "70% of us want to have a more adventurous sex life."

Apparently Sex Box can help...with TWO SEX BOXES.

Clearstory / Via

It's presented by Steve Jones (T4, X Factor USA) and sexologist Goedele Liekens.

And this is what each sex box looks like.

Clearstory / Via

It contains a sexy lamp, a sexy coat hanger, and an entire shelf of lube. :/

Each couple has a sex problem they want fixed.

Clearstory / Via


And it's Steve Jones' responsibility to ask members of the audience for tips before they enter the box.

Clearstory / Via

This is like the worst Kilroy ever.

Everyone has a very frank conversation about what their turn-ons and turn-offs are in the bedroom.

Channel 4 / Via Clearstory

I suddenly need a wash.

They then go into the box to have sex. Not weird at all. / Via Channel 4

There are also surveys throughout the show like this.

Clearstory / Via

You've got to admire the wordplay.

When the sex ends, the couple come out of the box and talk about the sex they had using non-sexy words, because we are British and talking about sex is weird.

Clearstory / Via

If you think the show isn't fucked-up enough, they get people to have sex with each other for the first time.

Clearstory / Via

PLEASE just casually make out at the latter end of a house party and then shag back at one of your houses like everyone else.

And...their mutual friends are in the audience.

Clearstory / Via

These people didn't know that their friends would be having sex in the show. They came under the impression that their friends were on just to talk about sex.

And then their mutual friends get to see the couple just after they have had an orgasm in the sex box.

Clearstory / Via

Imagine it being the early part of Spring and you're having sex in a box in a TV studio, before giving an interview about the sex you just had in front of your friends.


This show is so fucking strange.

Clearstory / Via

"Good box."

There's also a weird sequence in the show where someone dresses up like a penis and ejaculates confetti over members of the general public.

Clearstory / Via

Why? I don't know. I literally don't know.

Well done, Channel 4, for making ​a show about sex that makes us never want to have sex ever again.

Sex Box is on Mondays at 10pm. You can watch the first episode on All4.

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