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    "Queer Eye" Is Honestly The Most Empowering And Positive Show On TV Right Now

    Never has a makeover show been so meaningful.

    Queer Eye has been on Netflix for about 10 days now, and if you haven't got into it yet, my god, you should.

    1. The Fab Five spend equal amounts of time and effort working on each guy's emotional wellbeing, rather than just redoing his house and his outfits.

    Queer Eye is extremely good for your mental health if you’re in the mood for people just being genuinely really fuc…

    Queer eye is better for my mental health than my therapist was

    2. And while the Fab Five might criticise the state of the guy's flat or the contents of his fridge, they always find the positives about him and expand on that.

    3. There's a lot of emphasis on taking time for yourself.

    4. Body confidence is also a focus, with attention given to the fact that the world won't open up unless you let it.

    The new Queer Eye is like...a body positive hug wrapped up in an embrace that deconstructs toxic masculinity and so…

    5. There's so much here about being open with your feelings, which among guys is not common enough.

    Absolutely crying at the new #QueerEye. These men are doing amazing work, breaking down a patriarchal system that k…

    6. And they also share the important message that it’s never too late to change the things about yourself that you’re unhappy with.

    I’m really not into reality TV but Queer Eye is actually kinda sweet and all about breaking up toxic masculinity an…

    7. But the most important, most meaningful thing to me is how goddamn nice and supportive everyone is of the changes that they make in their lives.

    The season as a whole has received a lot of love, but the fourth episode in particular attracted a lot of attention. The guy in the episode, AJ, had a boyfriend but hadn’t yet come out to his stepmother.

    AJ then spoke to Karamo and said that he regretted not coming out to his dad when he was alive.

    Later in the episode AJ talked about his fear of coming out, and Karamo supported him.

    Listening to @KaramoBrown, a strong beautiful black gay man, telling AJ that he’s a strong beautiful black gay man.…

    Ultimately, I think the future of Queer Eye lies with episodes like the fourth, featuring AJ. Watching gay men empo…

    I won't reveal to you what happens at the end of the episode in case you haven't seen it yet, but trust me: It is emotional and positive as hell.

    And also, Tan made this point about clothing and other people's judgment.

    No other show is quite like it. Its only letdown is the fact that it is too short – only eight episodes for now. There has to be second season. Immediately.

    forget netflix and chill who wants to queer eye and cry?