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Norman Returned To "Bake Off" And Was Absolutely Splendid

"I don't make cake as a rule. It's usually bread and pies."

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4. Norman was the best baker in that episode because he kept saying phenomenonal things like this:

BBC / Love Productions

The technical challenge is marked according to how it looks!

That's literally the criteria you need to win the competition and get the prize, Norman!

He has always been this way. This is what he said whilst introducing his biscuit showstopper in 2014.

Love Productions / BBC

Apprentice candidates = "I will destroy you all and then eat this money."

Norman in Bake Off = "These look nice but they won't taste great."

5. Norman also remarkably said he doesn't like baking cakes, on a show consisting of people baking cakes.

BBC / Love Productions

Not many of the episodes he was originally in even featured bread or pies.


7. He also came up with the best name ever for what he was presenting in the signature challenge.



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