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    Paddington Gets Tea Served By A Queen's Guard In This Exclusive Clip From The New Film

    Watch a charming preview of Paddington, which comes out on Friday.

    Click play to watch the scene.

    Paddington / StudioCanal

    Paddington tells the story of a talking bear who takes refuge in London following a destructive earthquake in his homeland, Peru. The film's strength is how it highlights some of quirky aspects of British culture. This clip is no different.

    It starts with a wet and miserable Paddington trying to stay dry outside Buckingham Palace.

    Paddington / StudioCanal

    A member of the Queen's Guard gives him shelter, which is nice.

    Paddington / StudioCanal

    Pigeons then try to get Paddington's sandwiches.

    Paddington / StudioCanal

    So the guard gives him one of his own sandwiches.

    Paddington / StudioCanal

    And it's a BRITISH sandwich, no less.

    God save the Queen.

    Paddington / StudioCanal

    Paddington is out in British cinemas this Friday, and will be released in the U.S. on 16 January.

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