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13 Of The Most WTF "Don't Tell The Bride" Weddings Ever

Lesson learned: Never have a wedding on a pig farm.

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Don't Tell the Bride is a British show where a couple are given more than £10,000 to plan a wedding, but the groom makes all the decisions and the bride has no idea until the day what it will look like.

1. This guy who decided to hold the wedding at a pig farm, followed by a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest parade of pigs, which then failed.

E4 / Via

Groom's reason: "Because of our love for pigs, I kind of thought I'd love to be able to just have a pig-themed wedding. Have it amongst a lot of pigs on a pig farm."

Bride's reaction: "I can't believe that we're here."

2. This guy who decided to do the wedding underwater at the nearest leisure centre, which resulted in the bridal party watching everything from above the surface.

BBC Three / Via

Groom's reason: "Hayley loves her water. The plan is that we're getting married underwater. What do you reckon?"

Bride's reaction: "I can't believe I spent four hours doing my hair and makeup first."

3. This guy who thought up a Men in Black wedding, in a military base, with an alien conducting the ceremony.

BBC Three

Groom's reason: "I want them to understand exactly what's going on in my mind. I want her to be a part of my mind: aliens, conspiracy theories."

Bride's reaction: "I'm really proud of you. It's not what I would have chosen, as you know."


4. An '80s soap-style, Kylie-and-Jason-themed wedding, which involved the groom wearing a mullet and the venue being covered in fake snakes.

E4 / Via

Groom's reason: "I'm going to use the fact that I am Australian and have Kylie and Jason as my inspiration."

Bride's reaction: "I'm in complete disbelief at the minute. I never thought in a million years that we would be married like Kylie and Jason."

5. This guy who made his fiancée do an assault course to reach the top of the aisle.

E4 / Via

Groom's reason: "You know me and Charlotte are competitive – I want to throw this into the wedding, so I want the ultimate competition. She's going to turn up not in a wedding dress, but in a leotard."

Bride's reaction: "It's not ideal going over bouncy castles and doing an obstacle course before you get married, but actually he's absolutely smashed it."

6. When this guy decided that the bride should skydive into the wedding, even though she doesn't like heights.

BBC Three

Groom's reason: "No one will be predicting this. This is a first."

Bride's reaction: "That is a feeling that you can't even put into words. I'm still going to punch him for making me do this on our wedding day."

7. This guy who decided to do a horror-themed wedding, featuring the wife being scared as she walked down the aisle and a Grim Reaper giving the service.


Groom's reason: "Becka's personality and everything is horror, death, and creepy, scary shit, man. She's going to love this."

Bride's reaction: "Our dream wedding is the complete opposite of this, but I'm glad you've seen the fun side of it, to make it more exciting, weird, and different for everyone."


8. This guy who decided that his bride should be on a rollercoaster in her wedding dress, because he fell in love with her on their first date at a theme park.

BBC Three

Groom's reason: "It's a place where I knew that she was definitely the one for me."

Bride's reaction: "I know this is a special place, babe, but we can come here any time." (She eventually went on the ride but not wearing her dress.)

9. The guy who decided to hold the wedding in a cave and give it a superhero theme, not knowing until the day that the mother of the bride has claustrophobia.

BBC Three

Groom's reason: "I want to have an impact of people going in. They're going to remember a wedding in a cave, aren't they?"

Bride's reaction: "If someone had said to me, 'You're going to get married in a cave,' I would be struck down with horror, but it was done really lovely."

10. A zombie-wedding where the groom pretended to shoot them all, then rescued the bride from a van.

BBC Three

Groom's reason: "It needs to be a zombie apocalypse wedding."

Bride's reaction: "It's a lot different than what I expected it to be. I loved it. I think you're my hero."

11. This guy who chartered a plane to fly the whole bridal party in a big circle above Bristol to be married in the air, with everyone thinking the plane it was heading somewhere else.

Sky One

Groom's reason: "Me and Rebecca fell in love through travel, so I thought maybe getting married on a plane."

Bride's reaction: "I definitely wouldn't allow Adam to organise anything else again, but you've winged it, which is great."


12. The guy who decided to get married in a boxing ring, with the bridesmaids dressed as cheerleaders, in front of a crowd who had turned up thinking it was going to be a fight.


Groom's reason: "I would like the wedding itself to be as close to a big fight experience as possible. I want thousands of people to be cheering, booing. I want to feel that buzz again, getting in the ring. I want her to be centre of attention."

Bride's reaction: "I absolutely loved it."

13. And finally, the infamous Don't Tell the Bride wedding where the groom decided to have it in Las Vegas if the roulette ball landed on black (it did), then could only afford to bring six guests and told the bride by DVD that she couldn't invite half the family...

The bride then threatened to leave him but arrived in Las Vegas and, after a lot of arguing and pain, they decided to get married.

BBC Three

Groom: "Black is Vegas. Red is the UK."

Bride's reaction: "This whole experience has been... I can't even begin to tell you."