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Just 21 WTF Discussions From "Loose Women"

"Would you throw your daughter a period party?"

1. "Would you give your dog mouth-to-mouth?"

2. "Would you breastfeed your husband?"

3. "Should everyone make a funeral 'guest list'?"

4. "Is four dishwashers the secret to a happy relationship?"

5. "Would you wear your baby's umbilical cord?"

6. "Is birthday sex the ultimate present?"

7. "Is your favourite holiday companion...a toaster?"

8. "Should we all be stockpiling?"

9. "Would you throw your daughter a period party?"

10. "Could a sex hotel save your marriage?"

11. "Should sex be prescribed on the NHS?"

12. "Can childbirth really be orgasmic?"

13. "How quickly should you get naked for a new partner?"

14. "Are you seduced by suspenders?"

15. "Is it worse when a woman swears?"

16. "Does every mother need a breastfeeding best friend?"

17. "Would you let your baby sleep in a box?"

18. "When have we seen celebs doing mundane things?"

19. "Have your boobs ever held you back?"

20. "Have you got a come-to-bed face?"

21. What is this show?

Seriously... What is this show?